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Arthik r Rajdhani 1 5. These peoples are portrayed as criminals in the newspaper without considering the personal and other character of the people.

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In an empirical research found that still there is prevalence of media trial which jeopardize the physical integrity, honety, liberty of an individuals. The study concludes Madheshis remain underrepresented at all levels in the so-called national parties, which have given a higher and disproportionate share of representation to the pahadis of the Terai. The reasons for not appreciating the media trial by the court is well documented and recorded in one of famous English leading case of Attorney- General v. Raut , called the Alliance for Independent Madhesh. The Nepal Government recently issued the Online Media Operation Directive , which has various provisions that certainly curtail FoE on internet and may bring some seriousness. The freedom of expression is always subject to restriction. State, 6 S. Have you heard Medai trial in Nepal? Some of them are like Time Warner U. In regards to the local media and their projection of Movements of Terai have become localized and not touched to national media. Madhesh parties refused to sign the constitution and threatened to disrupt any elections in the state. The theme of the book remains as relevant three decades later, especially at a time when the very essence of Nepali nationalism is being questioned and new forms of co-existence are being negotiated. Under this scenario, the movements in one part of Nepal are either projected in forms of secessionist or in forms of traitors.

The individuals have far access to global media and are getting benefit of it but the institutional arrangements are very poor and not convincing. He focused that the Tharu community needs to be organised in order to give proper shape to the movement.

Even, the personnel charcter are being attacked by the media and peoples have filed complaint against the particular media. Odhams Press Ltd. Nagraik 1 Similarly the Clause no Publication and broadcasting to be prohibited of the defamation or contempt of court or incitement to an offence, or on any act which may be contrary to public decency or morality, on any act of hatred to labour and on any act of incitement to caste-based untouchability as well as gender discrimination.

The cakes are broken up and cooked with radish, chili, garlic and spices to accompany boiled rice. It quoted Dr. Even by the general patriarchal standards of Nepali society, Madheshi women are discriminated against, excluded and underrepresented in public life to a staggering extent. The Government has enacted Code of Journalistic Ethics, which rightfully inserted the norms of journalism which requires language sensitiveness.

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The primary sources of authority shall be laws, case laws, commentaries, report and press council stand while the secondary sources shall be media reporting, literature and internet sources.

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