Write a short story about your best friend

We watch films too of this genre. When I have any difficulty in my studies or have a tough project to do for school, she helps me.

essay on my best friend for class 9

She is brilliant in mathematics and the sciences, while I am good at English. We have common interests, and it is always fun when we meet.

I too try to be kind and helpful to my sister.

describe my best friend personality

My friend is kindly and sweet-natured. He has no bad habits. It is good practice for us too.

my best friend essay with headings

We have been together learning the Hawaiian guitar for five years now. It pretty much happened in one day and from that day on nothing was the same.

My best friend story

We have been classmates each year at school. Both of us hope to become professional guitarists, and form a band and present innovative and fusion music that we compose which people can enjoy listening to. Me and Na, Sep Rahul and I go to school together. He goes to school in time and regularly does his home-task. Read to through the stories on friendship and rejoice the real meaning of being a friend. She and I have been studying together since we entered school in kindergarten. Friendship Story Inspiring Stories of true Friendship! If you go through a break up, you will also move on with more ease with a friend by your side who fiercely defends and protects your happiness. Every student wants to spend time with him. They love children. We have been together learning the Hawaiian guitar for five years now. In other words, love makes my world go round, and without love, I would not even want to exist on this planet. Our relationship has grown in professional aspects too, from a boss-employee relationship to now, partners, in our own company DCA Holding.
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My Best Friend Essay In English