The cause and events of the battle of lexington

The cause and events of the battle of lexington

They made a show of political and military determination, but no effort to prevent the march of the Regulars. Uniforms, arms and equipment at the Battle of Lexington and Concord: The British were armed with muskets and bayonets. Furthermore, colonial Americans at that time still considered themselves British. Smith was concerned about the four companies that had been at Barrett's, since their route to town was now unprotected. The British troops fell back to the town. They defeated the British troops at the North Bridge, giving the Americans renewed confidence. Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere On the 18th of April in Seventy-Five Hardly a man is now alive Who remembers that famous day and year Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of one of the many events that led to the American Revolution. Lieutenant Hawkstone, said to be the greatest beauty of the British army, had his cheeks so badly wounded that it disfigured him much, of which he bitterly complained. The rest ran for their lives. Lieutenant Sutherland, who was in the rear of the formation, saw Laurie's mistake and ordered flankers to be sent out.

While overlooking North Bridge from the top of the hill, Barrett, Lt. Surmising that a woman might succeed where his men had failed, Mulligan sent a female to the spring.

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In passing through these two sharp curves, the British force lost thirty soldiers killed or wounded, and four colonial militia were also killed, including Captain Jonathan Wilson of BedfordCaptain Nathan Wyman of BillericaLt. When Captain Parker assembled his small army near Lexington, he realized they were too small to take on the British force.

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There were plenty of loyalists to the crown among the colonists. Louis," [21] the Anderson House was a three-story, Greek Revival style house constructed by Oliver Anderson, a prominent Lexington manufacturer. Not long after Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott—the sons of liberty—sounded the alarm, the minutemen of Middlesex prepared for battle.

Smith was concerned about the four companies that had been at Barrett's, since their route to town was now unprotected.

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The Americans decided to cross the North Bridge back into Concord. It was a very important battle to the early Americans so that they would finally win their freedom from Britain.

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The Americans had retreated to the outskirts of Concord and observed the British from other side of the North Bridge. When he saw the Minutemen in the distance behind their wall, he halted his two companies and moved forward with only his officers to take a closer look. During the search, the regulars were generally scrupulous in their treatment of the locals, including paying for food and drink consumed. Both sides generally agreed that the initial shot did not come from the men on the ground immediately facing each other. A depiction of the confrontation at the North Bridge 7 Americans inflicted damage on the British during their march back to Boston After the search in Concord was done, the British regulars reassembled to return. He positioned his company carefully. Around 15, militiamen surrounded Boston the day after these two battles occurred. Some light guns were used.

Some enlisted men were ordered back into Federal service without having been properly exchanged, then moved to different theaters.

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The Battle of Lexington