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It adds the color of a site, which otherwise would have exhibited a mediocre visual. As flowers, they fall into an uncanny valley. Flowers play an important role in making the life of a human being more cheerful and happy.

One of the fundamental human rights is a right to pleasure, to beauty. Their origins as a species are a bit shrouded in mystery, but most who study flowers and evolution agree that they came about in order to employ insects and animals in their reproduction a process that surely continues with our artful interventions.

The mustard flowers are yellow and beautiful in winter. Everybody will have at least one favorite flower in their life. For the last decade, Virginia Poundstone has included in her artwork all aspects of floral cultivation. This garden had a variety of flowers, some of which I couldn't identify.

The opposite of badass to all the tough boys playing with their power tools, flowers to them are for old ladies and sissies and girls. Ah Little Rose—how easy For such as thee to die!

Provides food for the insects — A number of insects depend on the flowers for their food. People enjoy seeing flowers growing in gardens.

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As an object of desire and prestige, the flower earned its worth as a central subject. The above photographs show just how beautiful they really are.

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