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In Septemberthese people tried sailing to Mumbai from Karachibut couldn't complete their mission due to choppy waters.

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He reassured Norma. They then ran into a police roadblock, which had been set up after Jadhav radioed for help. Commando Training: Finally, an even smaller group selected for specialised commando tactics training and marine navigation training given to the Fedayeen unit selected in order to target Mumbai. She then told her friend, Terry O'Donnell. If you see a young man aged 20, 21, and the places where they come from, a lot of poverty, no academic background and no one to support them — such people could easily fall prey to brainwashing. Here we were trained to operate GPS instruments and to navigate boats in the sea. They hunkered down, and it was sort of this stronghold option. Headley walked into the Taj on his first visit to Mumbai in September Headley was now working for al Qaeda, which paid for his second trip. He took boat tours from here.

It's almost like he's taunting people, showing them, you know, he's great. Here Daood met American culture head on, thanks in part to his mother. By this, one will become famous and will also make Allah proud.

The attacks began around when the two men entered the passenger hall and opened fire [53] using AK rifles.

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Despite the gravity of what he had just done Kasab mostly came across as relaxed and composed. Given the codename Operation X, the execution was shrouded in such secrecy that even the prime minister did not know it was happening. Home Secretary of India: We got warnings that there was likely to be an attack in Mumbai. In , he lobbied to fight in Kashmir, but Sajid Mir had a different plan. He's entitled to his opinion. And then he bought sacred Hindu bracelets. He got caught in transit by U. It's almost as if they feel that just having known him taints them by association with this extraordinary evil.

She said,"OK, no problem. Indian officials quickly connected the attackers to a militant Islamic group in Pakistan with ties to the ISI, the country's intelligence service.

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The assertion that poverty causes terrorism has been widely held by Western governments, particularly the Bush administration, which invested billions of dollars in development programmes in Pakistan in the hope of stopping the recruitment of terrorists.

You put an alert, people will wait for, you know, 15 days of alert or 30 days of alert, and then nothing happens.

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Mumbai attack anniversary: When LeT trained Ajmal Kasab on ‘how to fish’