An analysis of platos views regarding an ideal society

Education is for avoiding luxurious desires.

what are the 3 parts to the state in plato?s ideal society?

Virtues are needed in order to construct just state. There are so many kings ruled the state in a proper way without having education.

What is platos idea of a perfect society

Such decisions cannot be left solely to public opinion, he believes, which in many cases does not have enough foresight and gets its lessons only post factum from disasters recorded in history. Conceptual analysis then is a mental clearance, the clarification of a concept in its meaning. It seems as though Socrates has efficiently developed a lie that produces good instead of evil. It is not right to restore deadly weapons to a man after he has gone mad. He will be prepared to pay the costs of eventual mistakes and to endure an occasional civil unrest or even a limited war rather than be directed by anyone who may claim superior wisdom. By attaining education, there will not be desire for luxurious life and ambitions and they should get temperance. In order to get the citizens to fully believe this fabrication, Socrates says he will persuade the people to believe their education and upbringing was merely a dream or figment of their imagination. Justice, therefore, is the citizen sense of duties. If every state finds satisfaction; this taste leads to the immorality.

Modern liberal ideologies over-compensate for this deficiency in Plato. Rather, he may be full of resentment, tormented by repressed desires, and desperate to break free of the shackles and spontaneously affirm himself — to actualize his full, rich sense of who he is and wants to be.

Especially in the Laws he makes clear that freedom is one of the main values of society d.

platos republic

It can mean observant of custom or of duty, righteous: fair, honest, legally right, lawful; what is due to or from a person, deserts, rights, what one ought to do.

If there is a virtue or knowledge, are they perfect people?

An evaluation of platos ideal state

He visited Syracuse first in , then in , and again in , with the general purpose to moderate the Sicilian tyrants with philosophical education and to establish a model political rule. One of the greatest internal conflicts was problem between rich and poor. Women are more important role in the state because they are giving new birth of the children for the state. In spite of the idealism with which he is usually associated, Plato is not politically naive. The middle class is competitive and warlike, their virtue is courage. In his early stage itself Plato influenced by Socrates; Socrates was the man who was fighting against injustice in the society. Therefore, the reason and spirit have to control these appetites which are likely to grow on the bodily pleasures.

All moral conceptions revolve about the good of the whole-individual as well as social. Where man are out of their natural places, there the co-ordination of parts is destroyed, the society disintegrates and dissolves.

importance of platos theory of ideal state.
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Plato: Political Philosophy